Middletown Music

Middletown Music's mission is to promote original music from Midwest—Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Ontario, and Wisconsin. We are developing thirty City Music Guides and databases of venues and recording studios.

It is a project of the Music Media Production and Industry program at the School of Music at Ball State University. We work with Middletown Records, the Internet streaming station Middletown Radio, and with our partners at Indiana Public Radio, Be Here NowVillage Green Records, The Scene, WCRD, and other regional college radio stations.

The Middletown name reflects Muncie's history as the site of sociological studies beginning in the 1920s chosen for its characteristics as a typical small town. The manufacturing that used to happen in the region, including the factories that made Ball jars has since moved away. We hope to play a part in a cultural renaissance and be an incubator for regional talent. "If we like you here, they'll like you everywhere!"